Positive product reviews are essential and play an important role in making a purchase decision.

We are more than used to seeing reports and statistics telling us that products with a high percentage of four- and five-star reviews can increase search demand tenfold in some industries.

Sometimes, older people, more experienced in every sense, don't have access to these search/purchase platforms or most of them don't even know about them. But, they still use word of mouth, that thing with great power of persuasion and conviction.

We recently received an email from Jose Maria, where he told us a family story.

He talked about his mother, Maria Teresa, who at 86 years old, continues to maintain a very active life, taking care of her house and making the best recipes of a lifetime, and even dares with new ones that she learns on the Internet.

On Wednesdays they eat together, catch up and remember things from years ago. Stories of the family, of her parents, of her experiences as a child, of memories of when her six children were small...

Just that Wednesday they remembered when the Corte Inglés opened in Malaga, back in 79. And, suddenly, she told him the story of a broom she bought in that supermarket, between the years 80 and 85. That broom, which she washes frequently, is still in perfect condition today. She has bought others of the same type over the years, but they are not in such perfect condition. Maria Teresa, now 87 years old, is as active as ever. Her broom is still there, and she says she doesn't change it ....

Is there anything more reliable than these words to validate that a product is the best? We are talking about a broom that is more than 35 years old and still useful!


Telling these stories helps people keep their memories alive, but in order to do so, they must first be lived.

Because the important thing is to understand the value of the products.


This letter touched our hearts for many reasons.

Thank you Maria Teresa and Jose Maria


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