The enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of the founders of Dintex has led us to be the first to introduce new categories of household products to the market, at a competitive price and with a quality service.

During our 50 years of experience, our professionalism, commitment, motivation and honesty have allowed us to meet the expectations of customers and consumers and earn their trust, adapt to a changing market and achieve a business model that grows year after year.


    DINTEX (International Distribution of Exclusives) was born in 1969 when Omar García Montoto and Miguel Ángel Fernandez Mendez met in the Oviedo delegation of the company Lever Española.

    In our first decades we were key in the introduction of new products in Spain, classic brands such as Lifebuoy soaps, Kiwi bitumen, Gibbs shaving foam or Sun dishwasher reached our homes.

  • YEARS 70

    In the mid 70's, the vision of our founders began to bear fruit. We experienced constant growth, and we expanded into Asturias, Galicia, León and Santander, tripling our staff by the end of the decade.

  • YEARS 80

    In the 80s, in addition to being present in drugstores, perfumeries and shoe stores, we expanded our market by entering the hardware, sanitation and decoration stores. This was the prelude to our landing in the 90's in the big supermarkets, such as Continente or El Corte Inglés.

  • YEARS 90

    The decade of the 90's was characterized by a period of great changes. We bet on innovation, internationalization and diversification, entering the satellite dish sector and incorporating new products that were not marketed in Spain, such as the coconut mats, which were a real success. We also created our own brand and began to manufacture our non-slip rubber mats and brush mats.

  • 2000

    In 2000, we took our big commercial leap with the introduction of our star product, rubber bath mats, in large supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés, Carrefour and E-Leclerc, and we also starred in the DIY boom in Spain.

  • 2010

    In 2010 we launched a new line of business: decoration, with categories such as oilcloth tablecloths, stain-resistant, decorative vinyls... which is introduced in all market segments: traditional retail and large DIY superstores.

  • 2019

    In 2019 we celebrate our 50th anniversary, half a century of trajectory where we have overcome multiple challenges, maintaining as a common thread its vocation for quality and innovation. And we commemorate it with the slogan "Always thinking of your home".

  • 2020

    The "REVOLUTION" of CLEAN-DRY doormats.

Our values


Enthusiasm for our large family

We know that people are the most valuable capital of our company and a good organization, work environment and relationship with our customers is crucial to our success. The commitment, motivation, honesty and satisfaction of each one of us has led us to achieve a business model that grows year after year.


Enthusiasm to be competitive

We respond to and meet the expectations of our customers who recognize and value us for offering quality products at a competitive price and good customer service.


Enthusiasm to continue being pioneers

The entrepreneurial essence of the two partners and founders of Dintex has led us, historically, to be the first to introduce new categories of household products in the market. Our alliances with the best partners and our ability to observe and adapt during these 50 years have given us a great knowledge and the confidence of our customers.


Enthusiasm for professionalism

Professionalism has been a pillar in the trajectory of our company. Day by day we demonstrate a deep respect for our work and an important responsibility to fulfill our commitments to ourselves, our customers and our consumers. A fact that has led us to consolidate long-standing relationships.


Our daily activities are governed by the following principles: - Controlling that we respond at all times to the demands and expectations of our customers. - Constant innovation to adapt to new market realities. - Work within the strictest professional ethics and human quality. - Commitment to quality and excellence. Constructive spirit to do things better every day, with a work team focused on responding to requests or suggestions that may arise from customers.


Oriented to our ever-present objective of "Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today".


We guarantee and ensure the smooth running of all our business operations and therefore, we have a quality management system ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

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